Friday, November 20, 2009

JOY biscuits fall seasonal

ok folks here it is, the JOY biscuit for the fall: pumpkin and cranberry! these ones are tasty too! we basically used a very similar recipe to the sweet potato & chamomile and substituted the sweet potato for pumpkin. add some dried cranberries and voila! however, i couldn't find dried cranberries without sugar and oils so we dried our own! this is a very arduous process, say 7+ hours...BUT it's worth it, and i think your 4-legged friend will agree. get some while they last!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

JOY biscuits joins the facebook fan page network

well, i finally did it. i launched a facebook fan page for JOY biscuits in late september! it took me a while, but after getting through the contemplative phase, creating a fan page just made sense. it was actually pretty easy to set up! you could say i'm a bit old school (i still carry around a hard copy calendar and write paper letters), but the point is: there is yet another way to connect with JOY biscuits! (sorry fellow tweeters, but i don't see JOY biscuits entering the twitter world for a while...)

so if i had to distinguish the levels of PR between the JOY biscuits blog and the JOY biscuits facebook fan page, i would classify the blog as a more reflective "behind behind the scene" piece. whereas the facebook fan page enables a more day-to-day "behind the scene" JOY biscuits network. i know, i know, these are the functional definitions of blog and fan page, which may seem obvious to some, but to my mind, I needed a way to justify having both. now you see how this is the "behind behind the scene" special ingredient!?!

oh and please feel free to check up on BOTH the blog and the fan page, as i promise you there will always be useful and interesting news to read! if you're not a fan yet, please feel welcome to become one and refer a friend who you know appreciates their dogs as much as you do!