Saturday, May 29, 2010

cleansing and fresh breath update!

well hello! long time no post, i know, i know. there has been so much going on: 1) developing a monthly biscuit cluBAnna (named after our furry friends in north carolina who love JOY biscuits, and whose parents pre-paid 3 flavors of treats to be mailed to them monthly for several months!), 2) a new JOY biscuit size and package to be launched soon, and 3) finding a local outfit to help us print JOY biscuits t-shirts! we also currently have a new spring seasonal flavor: banana, sunflower, & carob - so far it has been a hit! this biscuit is good for healthy skin and coat and may even become a regular flavor of the JOY biscuit line! but i digress, these updates are not the purpose of this post...

the purpose of this post is to share some information i've read recently in the summer issue of an awesome holistic publication: animal wellness magazine. it concerns this beautiful herb above: dill. in an article written by audi donamor, dill leaves and dill seeds are claimed to be a healing and nutritious herb. by simply adding chopped fresh dill to your dogs food and dill tea (made by steeping dill seeds) to their food and/or water, doggy breath can go from really bad to good! in addition to this, dill helps to reduce flatulence and contains heaps of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, thiamine, and vitamin A. so, what does this mean? this means that the mint, parsley, & charcoal cleansing and fresh breath JOY biscuits will soon be made with dill tea (as opposed to just filtered water) to add the benefits of this wonderful herb! we're also in the process of developing another cleansing and fresh breath flavor: ginger, mint, and wheatgrass!