Friday, July 9, 2010

and now introducing...the JOY biscuits café line

ohhhh baby, yes those are large JOY biscuits! bigger isn't always better, but when you're on the run and your dog has been especially good, they deserve an extra special treat. let's face it, when you treat yourself to your favorite caffeinated drink, cupcake, or cocktail, you want to share the experience with your furry friends, right? thus the JOY biscuits café line was born! these JOY biscuits are made with the same wholesome ingredients that the original biscuits are made with and are packed in a compostable baggy.

the café line packages come in 1 large biscuit and 2 medium sized biscuits. you can find the JOY biscuits café line at that takes the cake, cheengoo, george, and jeffrey's. our plan is to have them available at your local dog-friendly coffee shop, bike shop, winery, restaurant, b&b, hotel, you name it! we're super excited to introduce this new line of larger JOY biscuits to you!