Monday, July 1, 2013


well well well.  you may be wondering why i haven't posted in so long?!

a few months after champ passed away, we bought a cycling tour company, Outfitter Bicycle Tours, then we adopted eddy, and later that year we had a baby!!  2011 was definitely a year of new beginnings...2012 was definitely a year of transition.  now that we're halfway through 2013, i am finding myself in yet another transitional space.  

it has been over 6 months since i have baked JOY biscuits.  but i want you to know that i WILL be baking again soon! 

several months ago i received a weekly smile email from one of my favorite doggie publications the BARK.  here is what i found when i opened the email:

Emmy / Smiling Dog
What’s your dog’s name and age? Emmy, 12 years old.
What was your dog doing when you took this photo? Torturing me with her sweetness while she was waiting patiently for the door to be opened.

Where/how did you find your dog? She was relinquished by her first family after being hit by a car. We were the emergency foster family and the rest is history...

What makes your dog smile? Seeing us after we've been gone, even if it's to get the mail or use the bathroom. Her tail goes around in a huge circle.

Do you and your dog have similar personalities or temperaments? We can get into a pretty dangerous groove of lying around together; I never napped until I had my first greyhound!

Do you do any volunteer work with your dog or on behalf of other companion animals? Emmy has worked at Alzheimer's, mental health and convalescent facilities. She will hop right up on the bed if invited.

Do you and your dog participate in any canine sports? Emmy was quite a successful racer. Now that she's retired, she prefers to run on the beach without worrying about winning.

What do you cherish most about your dog? Feeling her breath on me while she's sleeping, she's just such pure, innocent goodness...

of course, the first thing that caught my eye was that emmy is a greyhound.  when i continued reading i saw that she is ALSO a THERAPY DOG!  what a sweetie.  i love how the BARK features dogs of all breeds and ages.  if you ever want to submit a photo of your smiling furry friend to them, you can!  click here for more info.    thank you for reading!