Saturday, April 2, 2011

new beginnings with the same purpose

happy spring and new beginnings to you! i love this season and the new growth it brings. the air hung with sweet floral scents and longer days full of sunlight make me smile deep from within. yes, JOY biscuits is still creating happiness in a wholesome dog treat with organic and locally-sourced ingredients for your furry friends!

so how have we been since our last post?! well, baking JOY biscuits without champ patiently waiting to perform his QC duties has been a challenge and a learning experience. the first batch i baked without him hit harder than anticipated. after that batch, baking has been getting more enjoyable, especially in the company of furry friends (thank you kyo and stella!). grieving is not a linear process and riding that wave can be difficult. however, i know that with every end of something comes the opportunity for new beginnings!
riding the wave, i have had time to re-evaluate the purpose and intention behind JOY biscuits. providing an artisanal dog treat with flavors that are nutritionally beneficial continues to be one of our main purposes. additionally, our intention and mission still remain the same: to provide a sustainable dog treat that targets optimum dog health and to increase awareness of service and therapy dog programs.

what kind of new beginnings are you and your furry friend experiencing this spring? is your daily, weekly, monthly purpose and intention the same as it was before or is it different?