Saturday, June 6, 2009

how do you like dem biscuits!?

get ready for the world's first authentic artisanal dog biscuit! JOY biscuits are always fresh, always handmade, and always natural. yes, they are the dog treat you and your dog have been waiting for (see why below) and yes, that is champ in the background, being very good and practicing his modeling skills...

after months of research, taste tests, and baking we are proud to announce that we are ready for business! pictured are 4 of our 5 current flavors (from left to right): sunflower, PB, & flax/healthy skin and coat; sweet potato & chamomile/calming; mint, parsley, & charcoal/cleansing & fresh breath; and roasted lamb & rosemary/flea control; (not pictured are our roasted chicken and thyme biscuits, good for flea control).

our unique design is also known as a
Koru, which comes from New Zealand's Native population, the Maori. the Koru represents a fern bud as it opens, bringing new life and beginnings to the world. we believe this symbol epitomizes what JOY biscuits brings to the lives of our furry friends: the beauty of simplicity that brings a feeling of great happiness and rejuvenation.

we are SUPER excited to begin providing our tasty, meaningful, and healthy treats to dogs all over! thanks and good night...

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  1. YUUUUUUM joy. I wish i was a dog so i could eat your biscuits.

    So cute!