Wednesday, July 15, 2009

elan, how do YOU like dem biscuits?!?

yes, that's right. JOY biscuits are taste tested by dogs and humans! in fact, my dear friend's nephew loved them (the sunflower, PB, & flax ones), and he's a very picky eater! he already had one in his mouth and reached for another one right out of the bag before swallowing! the sunflower, PB, & flax flavor seems to be a favorite of many of my human friends. they taste kinda like trail mix and have a nice crunchy light texture. the JOY biscuits also made it on the cheese plate!

here's a good photo to put the size of the biscuits in perspective. we are however making a larger size biscuit available as of this month. these are a few of my close friends from undergrad also enjoying the JOY biscuit tasting. people keep telling me i should market to humans in addition to doggies. although JOY biscuits are made with fresh human grade ingredients, marketing to humans wasn't the initial idea. there are way more regulations to create and distribute a human food product, and well...let's just say that that may be a part of the future plan of JOY biscuits!

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