Thursday, July 23, 2009

JOY biscuits at 14,505 feet!

i get a kick out of this - i give the dog's pack leader biscuits and they end up eating them...on top of mt whitney! HA!
ok, so remember how i said my friends really like the sunflower, PB, & flax biscuits? well our friends dave and daniella hiked up mt whitney a few weeks ago and dave suprised daniella with some biscuits i gave him (for willow, daniella's boxer). daniella wrote in her email, "Dave surprised me with these at the summit. AMAZING. I am serious - I want to start buying these for myself (sorry, Willow!)"
the answer to how to buy is either through me, or through that takes the cake on union street in SF, or at the holistic hound in berkeley. more details to follow! btw, that packaging differs from our store packaging. like i said, more details to follow!


  1. Jeffrey's wants your treats! :-) Give us a call at (415) 864-1414 or (415) 402-0342.

  2. oh my goodness! anna, thanks so much for the comment. i will call you ASAP! i haven't checked the blog in WAY too long (just started a new job), but saw your comment when i made the most recent post!