Saturday, September 19, 2009

the evolution of JOY biscuits recipes

people frequently ask me where i get my recipes from.
the answer is, i create them!

after months of researching recipes online and baking...and making modifications from batch to batch...the outcome of JOY biscuits recipes have been positively met with enthusiasm and happy dogs! when i initially started baking dog biscuits (before the creation of JOY biscuits) i used wheat flour. then after reading about how wheat is ubiquitous in dog food recipes and that many dogs develop allergies to wheat, i discontinued including wheat flour in my recipes. i found that using alternative flours (like brown rice flour, and rye and barley flours) were more easy on the digestive system and just as nutrient-rich, if not more, as wheat. i should also mention that greyhounds who are newly retired from the track have notably sensitive stomachs and i wanted to create a treat that even the "fresh off the track greyhounds" could enjoy without any GI distress.

if your furry friend was part of the JOY biscuits R&D pack in the early stages, you know that the first round of healthy skin and coat biscuits (peanut butter & flax round A, batches 1-3 and round B, batch 1) did not have sunflower seed meal. after stumbling upon some interesting articles and talking with my vet friend, i learned that omega-6 fatty acids, more specifically linoleic acid (LA) is the fatty acid that aids in a healthy skin and coat. LA optimizes water permeability in the skin, thus being a great treatment for dry, dull, and brittle skin and coats. in fact, there are no scientific studies showing that dogs actually transform omega-3s into linoleic acid (like humans do) to benefit from the anti-inflammatory benefits. therefore JOY biscuits added sunflower seed meal to the healthy skin and coat biscuit line.

sunflower seeds are high in omega-6 acids (more so than flax seed), and are an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals which are cancer-fighting and promote heart health.

i hope this sheds some light on the evolution of JOY biscuits recipes and thanks for reading!

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