Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the perfect eco-friendly package

ok, this is definitely post worthy...since the beginning i had this vision of what JOY biscuits packaging would be like and in august it came true! i wanted a container that was craft brown and earth-friendly with a see through lid. the picture was very vivid in my mind, but finding the container was a challenge. finally after crossing paths with a friend of a friend, i discovered a local company that distributes bagasse containers!
bagasse is a sugarcane fiber that is biodegradable and compostable. these containers will break down in 1-3 months in a large scale compost program, and 2-4 months in a home compost bin depending on the temperature. the lids are made out of corn starch and other earth-friendly starches, and are also compostable! we feel these containers depict exactly what JOY biscuits is all about. we are sooo excited to start offering JOY biscuits in this packaging and think that you will like them too!

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